Intuitive Compass > Strangely

06 December 2014, Owl N' Thistle, Seattle, WA [NO TICKET STUB] A night of pirate ballads, carnival tricks, and laughter. Intuitive Compass No setlist information. Strangely No setlist information. Intuitive Compass & Strangely No setlist information.

Mike Miz > John K. Band

15 May 2014, River Street Jazz Cafe, Plains, PA [NO TICKET STUB] Mike Miz set: No setlist information. John K. Band set I: Nobody Told Me Hard Highway Riverrun Tin Roof Shack@ Bird Song@ Fast Enough For You@ Got to Get Better in a Little While John K. Band set II: Hey Pocky Way Great... Continue Reading →

Ecstatic Vision > Far-out Fangtooth > Creepoid

27 February 2014, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia, PA [NO TICKET STUB] This was Creepoid's new record release party. Those who attended had the opportunity to get a numbered limited edition white vinyl. Of course I took the offer! Ecstatic Vision set No setlist information. Far-Out Fangtooth set: No setlist information. Creepoid set: No setlist information.

The Bad Side > The Whips > The Hussy > NOBUNNY

07 February 2014, Underground Arts, Philadelphia, PA DISCLAIMER: I'm not even going to sugar-coat this -- I got really drunk at this show. It was probably one of the best shows I've been to based on the energy and crowd. It was just perfect and so much fun. Know that going in! The Bad Side... Continue Reading →

The Shondes > The Sidekicks > Against Me!

11 January 2014, The Chameleon Club, Lancaster, PA The Shondes setlist: No setlist information. The Sidekicks set: No setlist information. Against Me! set: Incomplete setlist information. FuckMyLife666 Pints of Guinness Make You Strong New Wave Walking Is Still Honest True Trans Soul Rebel Cliché Guevara I Still Love You Julie Transgender Dysphoria Blues White People... Continue Reading →

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