24 February 2018

New icon/logo and header image is live for all socials!

20 February 2018

I recently finished Phase I which was uploading my entire backlog of shows to this site. That’s every single show I have ever been to and all the shaky videos and pictures that were taken at them.
Now I will begin Phase II which is going back through all the shows and adding in my two cents. Not necessarily reviewing the shows but just gibing a bit of a memoir to each of them. What I remember, what I forget, what I liked and didn’t like.

14 February 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day!
I am almost finished loading in my entire backlog of shows. Only 6 left! I’ve spent close to 100 hours uploading, tagging, editing, all my crappy photos and videos to Youtube, Flickr, and this site…
Up next is Nick Cave, The War on Drugs, Pickathon 2017, Against Me!, Slowdive, and Gabriel Cox!


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