07 April 2019

So, not sure if ya’ll know but Flickr was bought out by SmugMug. That in itself is pretty cool news; good for them! But, it doesn’t end there… SmugMug, now owning Flickr, is doing away with that sweet, sweet 1TB of free photo storage that Flickr offered. What does this mean? It means all the hours I’ve spent uploading my photos for this site will have been in vain. And although the photos themselves won’t be lost (I obviously have the actual photos saved in my own personal storage), the links to those photos from this site will be broken since I won’t be paying for the monthly storage upgrade. And this is one of two reasons why I have not been uploading concerts I’ve been to since the last update. After all, what’s the point? What I need to do is research other photo sharing websites, besides Imgur, that I can link back to in place of Flickr. Until then I won’t be doing too much uploading/updating… I’m sorry! I know, everyone needs to make money and support themselves, but it really sucks that the free 1TB of storage is going away. I wasn’t;t even using a quarter of that; it’s be nice if they let us have maybe 250GB of free storage or something like that. Oh well… I do hope to provide updates and uploads in the future. So stay tuned and check back periodically!

05 June 2018

Going to start adding my drawings into this site feed. After all, I do play music while I’m drawing or commuting or a combination of both. I think it would be cool to share how that music inspires me and shapes things.

05 May 2018

Still alive! It’s been a bit quiet around here I know but I’m still active. Keep checking back for general updates and featured bands (one is in the works now.)
As far as shows go, Ezra Furman and Shannon Lay at Mississippi Studios is next!

24 February 2018

New icon/logo and header image is live for all socials!

20 February 2018

I recently finished Phase I which was uploading my entire backlog of shows and their ticket stubs to this site, Flickr, Imgur, and YouTube. That’s every single show I have ever been to and all the shaky videos and pictures that were taken at them.
Now I will begin Phase II which is going back through all the shows and adding in my two cents. Not necessarily reviewing the shows but just adding a bit of a memoir to each of them; What I remember, what I forget, what I liked and didn’t like.

14 February 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day!
I am almost finished loading in my entire backlog of shows. Only 6 left! I’ve spent close to 100 hours uploading, tagging, editing, all my crappy photos and videos to Youtube, Flickr, and this site…
Up next is Nick Cave, The War on Drugs, Pickathon 2017, Against Me!, Slowdive, and Gabriel Cox!


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