Mapache > Grateful Shred

16 August 2018, Mississippi Studios, Portland, OR [NO TICKET STUB] Mapache Incomplete setlist information. ... Loretta (Townes Van Zandt) ... I feel bad for not having more of a setlist for Mapache. I am not yet familiar enough with their songs but I do know they did also play Broken Down Cadillac, Like A Stone,... Continue Reading →


Valen > The Paranoyds > BRONCHO

05 June 2018, Mississippi Studios, Portland, OR Valen Incomplete setlist information. ... Waiting For You Wanna (Broncho) Young Americans ... An amazing vocalist and multi-instrumentalist—had the sound of an entire band at her fingertips; the audience entranced. Was getting heavy 80’s vibes which really rounded out the night’s overall setting. The Paranoyds Incomplete setlist information.... Continue Reading →

Shannon Lay > Ezra Furman

09 May 2018, Mississippi Studios, Portland, OR [NO TICKET STUB] Shannon Lay No setlist information. A familiar name is always cool: William Patrick Owen was in the spotlight as a Featured Artist on this site back in March 2018. William played a show and opened for Shannon Lay in London for one of his shows.... Continue Reading →

Lori Goldston > Circuit des Yeux

24 January 2018, Mississippi Studios, Portland, OR Lori Goldston:This girl was like the Thurston Moore of the cello. Or maybe even Glenn Branca. Not so much in the avant-garde aspect as the master-of-their-gift, but either way you might expect to see Lori part of a Thurston collaboration. The set was seamless as if it was... Continue Reading →

The War on Drugs

02 August 2017, Mississippi Studios, Portland, OR [NO TICKET STUB] If I remember correctly, my wife sent me a text message around 10:30 AM that this free show was going down. My parents had just landed in town and I had the day off since I was picking them up and spending time with them.... Continue Reading →

Marisa Anderson > Thurston Moore Group

10 May 2017, Mississippi Studios, Portland, OR [NO TICKET STUB] Marisa Anderson No setlist information. Thurston Moore Group Cease Fire Turn On > Feedback/Jam Aphrodite Smoke Dreams Exhalted Encore: Speak to the Wild Ono Soul > Jam > Ono Soul Band Links Marisa Anderson via Bandcamp Thurston Moore - Rock N Roll Consciousness via iTunes

Wave Action > Sinless > Cat Hoch > Jackson Boone

10 March 2017, Mississippi Studios, Portland, OR [NO TICKET STUB] Wave Action No setlist information. Sinless No setlist information. Cat Hoch No setlist information. Jackson Boone Incomplete setlist information. ... The Dolphin Turned into a Cat ... Band Links Wave Action via Bandcamp Sinless via Bandcamp Cat Hoch via Bandcamp Jackson Boone via Bandcamp

Nap Eyes > Steve Gunn

24 September 2016, Mississippi Studios, Portland, OR [NO TICKET STUB] Nap Eyes No setlist information. Steve Gunn Incomplete setlist information. Ancient Jules ... Full Moon Tide ... Park Bench Smile ... Band Links Nap Eyes via Bandcamp Steve Gunn via iTunes

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