About a concert blog… sort of

I’ve always wanted to give a home to photos, setlists, and videos taken at a concert. Everyone is there holding up their phones and cameras and I feel most of those photos never see the light of day. Musicians are constantly making history and it is being captured from every angle imaginable from the audience. Onstage are people being photographed all throughout their lives — almost like family photos — and those photos never get shared to anything other than an article or a quick Instagram post. They get buried in a feed or get locked away for years on some hard drive to never see the light of day again. These photos never get shared outside of close-friend-or-family circles or submitted to a database for archiving.

I look to change that: I will be posting here the concerts I’ve been to along with any relevant photos and videos (no matter how unprofessional), ticket stubs, and setlists. Music history is important and is as much a living breathing entity as the music itself.

Complete photo album for these concerts can be found at my Flickr page.

This blog is named as a nod to Bob Dylan’s lyrics in Ballad of a Thin Man.



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