Jen Cloher > John Craigie > Haley Heyndrickx

26 January 2018, Revolution Hall, Portland, OR

Free event

Jen Cloher & John Craigie & Haley Heyndrickx: Pickathon 2018 Announcement Party @ Revolution Hall, Portland, OR, 26 January 2018

This was for the Pickathon 2018 Announcement Party. Each of the 3 artists tonight played 2 songs:
Jen Cloher came out with a bang in chopping guitars, poetry, and a bit of that thin wild guitar. The songs built to powerful poetic mountains and really got you moving a bit. I would love to see a full set from them — luckily we will at Pickathon 2018.

John Craigie kind of played 3 songs since he gave a small monologue about himself and folk singers between songs: He talked about how he was able to write I Wrote Mr. Tambourine Man, playing dark indoor music venues versus outdoor festivals, and girls with hoola-hoops and breakups… The only way I can describe this guy is he is the “real deal.” He is exactly what you would describe to someone what a folk singer is: a good story teller, a master of timeless lyrics, guitar embellishments, and a harmonica.
Reason #2 to go to Pickathon.

Haley Heynderickx came out to a cheering crowd; a hometown hero, if you will. It was really cool to see a horn mixed in with the music. I always felt that kind of brass variation can go a long way in a band. Like, add a saxophone to any song and it becomes magic.
I think this sums up what the band is capable of: “Paisley Underground for the 21st century. (Remember Opal? Yeah, THAT good!)
Visceral, bluesy, psychedelic folk ballads that slip in with a twangy, coffee-house sensibility, and then unleash like brilliant exploding stars!” – Ian Whulj, Bainbridge, Wa.

Jen Cloher

Regional Echo

John Craigie

What Phase is This?
I Wrote Mr. Tambourine Man

Haley Heynderickx



Jen Cloher Bandcamp page
John Craigie bandcamp page
Haley Heynderickx bandcamp page

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