Cherry Glazerr > Slowdive

26 October 2018, McMenamin’s Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR


Cherry Glazerr & Slowdive @ Crystal Ballroom, Portland 2017-10-26

Cherry Glazerr, although what I think as a strange choice for co-headliner with Slowdive, were definitely worth getting in early to see. Having discovered Cherry Glazerr through Julian Casablancas+the Voidz and hearing both Haxel Princess and Apocalipstic I knew I had to see them live. Cherry Glazerr sounded nice and heavy shifting the tone from their first album and re-imagining it played in the style of Apocalipstick. Along with the full sound, they were equally fun to watch with singer Clementine Creevy making faces out toward the crowd before a few songs.

Cherry Glazerr

Incomplete setlist information.

Told You I’d Be With the Guys


Catch the Breeze
Crazy for You
Star Roving
Souvlaki Space Station
Don’t Know Why
Blue Skied an’ Clear
When the Sun Hits
Sugar for the Pill
Golden Hair (Syd Barrett)


No Longer Making Time
40 Days

Band Links

Cherry Glazerr via Bandcamp
Slowdive via Bandcamp

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