Wampire > Foxygen > Unknown Mortal Orchestra

01 March 2013, First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, PA

Wampire & Foxygen & Unknown Mortal Orchestra @ First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, PA, 01 March 2013Wampire setlist:

Incomplete setlist information.

The Hearse

Magic Light

Wampire sounded freaking amazing at this show. I swear they had the sound tweaked perfectly for these guys… I remember walking in a bit late and hearing the middle of The Hearse which came toward the end of the set. We missed quite a bit of them unfortunately…

Foxygen setlist:

Incomplete setlist information.

Make It Known


On Blue Mountain

We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic

San Francisco

I remember Sam just being completely uninvolved in the show. He sang here and there but at one point he went as far as to walk off stage for a few verses. He seemed like he was held against his will to be there. There are certain highs in Foxygen songs and when you expect the singer to be on the same level as you and those highs, and they’re not (even seeming like he’s not even trying), it really lets you down. Despite this, the show was still good and was my first time seeing Foxygen. We came here to see them specifically and ended up really liking Wampire; still one of my go to bands even to this day. Sam, Rado, and the rest of the band came out after the show and I got them to sign my record.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra setlist:

Incomplete setlist information.

No Need For A Leader

From the Sun


The sound in this venue is what sticks out to me. That drop ceiling in the church basement was perfect to absorb the sound and really give the drums punch and take out all that reverb usually present at shows.


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