Jackie Greene > RatDog

14 July 2009, Penn’s Peak, Jim Thorpe, PA

Jackie Greene set I:

Don’t Let The Devil Take Your Mind
Nothing Comes From Nothing
About Cell Block #9
When You’re Walking Away
So Hard To Find My Way (w/ Mark Karan)
Tell Me Mama Tell Me Right (w/ Mark Karan)
Mexican Girl (w/ Mark Karan and Jeff Chimenti)
New Speedway Boogie (w/ Mark Karan and Bob Weir)

Jackie seems to like to start off a show making the audience feel like they are having sound issues (saw him do this the next night, at Peach Music Festival with Trigger Hippy, and again at Jazz Cafe) and they are just going to roll with it. And that really gives the show a loose and intimate feel while at the same time making you uneasy that the whole thing could fall apart at any moment. But lo and behold Jackie and band keep it together and it really shows what great showmanship/musicianship they all have. It’s a really cool thing he does whether intentional or not.

RatDog set I:

Viola Lee Blues >
Minglewood Blues >
Queen Jane Approximately >
Walkin Blues
Tennessee Jed
Shade of Grey >
Hell in a Bucket

RatDog set II:

Stealin’ (w/ Jackie Greene)
Oh Boy! (w/ Jackie Greene)
Not Fade Away >
Iko Iko >
Stuff >
Come Together >
Sugar Magnolia




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